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Why you're not getting Email Notifications
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Subject: Why you're not getting Email Notifications
Posted by: Bob Sutton of <a href='http://somersethillslacrosse.com' target='_blank'>somersethillslacrosse.com</a>
Some of you are wondering why you get SOME email messages from Somerset Hills Lacrosse Club but seem to miss out on others. (We see this a lot where two Parents/Guardians are registered along with their Player, or where the Player has his own email account.) Here's what's happening:

There are two types of messages you're likely to receive from the Club. One is a general announcement directed to audiences like "All Parents" or "Coaching Staff". Those messages use the email address associated with your own record as a Parent/Guardian of a club Player.

The second type includes Game or Practice Reminders and any other correspondence sent to a specific Team Roster. These messages make use of the email address(s) associated with the PLAYER'S record in our Registration system. It's a great convenience to be able to send to a whole Roster with one click and some of our coaches prefer communicating with you that way. Most of the time, those messages are going to a Parent's address, but we DO have a few kids who have their own email accounts and our Registration software doesn't make clear how your son's contact information will be used.

So, if mom registered Johnny to play Lax and supplied her personal email address with HIS registration record, Reminders will be sent to mom. If she added Johnny's address, he's getting the notices. Sorry, dads! If you'd like to receive them too, just add your email address to Johnny's record.

And please double-check that you haven't turned off Reminders or Opted-Out of Club email altogether. Some people think they'll avoid Spam by doing that and then wonder why they aren't getting important game information.  
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